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Protect your device from the
nasty stuff for up to 3 days

World’s Only Cleaner and Protectant Powered by Silver and Copper Nanoparticles Designed for Mobile Devices

Don’t just clean your mobile device – protect it. When other cleaning products stop working, our patented Copper Spray™ continues to protect your device from bacteria, mold, and fungus for up to 3 days. Simply reapply to reactivate the protective barrier.

✔️ Works on phones, cases, countertops, remotes – any surface
✔️ Convenient 2oz (60ml) travel-safe spray bottle

Protection Against Germs

Protects your device from 99% of bacteria, mold, and fungus

Unique Formula

Pruvia Copper Spray consists of a safe, natural formula using copper and silver ions

72 Hours of Protection

Pruvia Copper Spray provides 3 days of protection. Simply reapply to reactivate the protective barrier

Made in the USA

Pruvia is made in the USA - Patented nanoparticle technology also developed in the United States.

"Copper can effectively help to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses."

- Science Daily

*Pruvia tested by 3rd party laboratory to ISO & ASTM testing standards against staph bacteria

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Hygienic ProtectionHygienic Protection

World’s Only 360° Film Protection With Silver Ions

There’s antibacterial and then there’s Pruvia! As mobile devices have more germs than a toilet seat and with hands accounting for over 80% of infections, it’s more important than ever to keep your touchscreen and entire device clean. That’s why we invented Pruvia 360º Film, a clear military-grade scratch protection film embedded with silver nanoparticles to protect your device from scratches while reducing 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Reduces 99.99% of bacteria to keep your screen and device clean and safe

Protects for the life of the product

360° Full-Body, military-grade scratch protection

Adds No Bulk

Tested against bacteria, mold and fungus

Protects you and your device, for life

✓ Invisible 360° Protection
✓ Military-Grade Strength
✓ HD Clarity
✓ Lifetime Guarantee

Protects you and your device, for life

✓ Invisible 360° Protection
✓ Military-Grade Strength
✓ HD Clarity
✓ Lifetime Guarantee

Professionally installed, so it’s perfect every time.

There’s nothing like knowing there’s a real person behind the products you buy. Every custom-made protection or highly personalised skin for your device is done by a living, breathing Mobile Outfitters professional.

All our products are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Life happens. So do unforeseen accidents. That’s why we stand by our products with an airtight Lifetime Guarantee. If you’re ever unhappy with the performance of a product, for any reason, we’ll replace it for a small installation charge.

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